One-off Product (RED) Mac Pro, designed by Jony Ive, set for charity auction

One off Product RED Mac Pro designed by Jony Ive set for charity auction

The new, redesigned Mac Pro wowed the world with its cylindrical form factor and chic, glossy black coat, but we must say we like the look of this specially-commissioned red model.

Unfortunately, anyone interested in obtaining this lovely bit of objet d'art is going to have to fork out much more than Apple's $2,999 starting price for the desktop powerhouse.

The one-of-a-kind model has been designed exclusively for Product (RED) by Sir Jony Ive and will go under the hammer in a charity auction at Sotherby's on November 23.

It is expected to fetch somewhere between $40,000 (£24,724, AU$41,723) and $60,000 (£37,062, AU$62,584), adding to the $65 million (£40.1m, AU$67.7m) Apple has already raised for the AIDS charity.

December for the rest of us

The configuration isn't listed on the auction site, but that's unlikely to matter to the affluent so-and-so who's going to be handing over a small fortune for the professionally-specced desktop.

The device will go on sale to us Regular, albeit still quite wealthy, Joes in December. Check out our hands-on review of Apple's latest tower of power.

Via MacRumors