Boost your PC's performance with these new Toshiba SSDs and HDDs

More data, more speed
More data, more speed

Toshiba unveiled a slew of new devices designed to help you improve your computer's performance and storage capacity. The new products include two new internal solid-state drives (SSD) and four new internal hard disk drive (HDD) models.

The new SSDs are headlined by the Toshiba Q300 Pro Series, which is designed for creative professionals and gamers. The Q300 Pro Series features 2-bit-per-cell NAND MLC flash technology and sequential read/write speeds of 550MB/s.

The Pro Series is housed in a 2.5-inch (7mm frame) aluminum frame that Toshiba says is ideal for slim laptops and gaming consoles. The SSD is also incredibly light – it weighs about 1.62 ounces at its base 128GB configuration and 1.67 ounces at its maximum 512GB capacity.

The 128GB SSD will run you $124.99 (£81, AU$178), the 256GB version costs $199.99 (£130, AU$283) and the 512GB device costs $389.99 (£255, AU$555).

The Q300

Similar to the Pro Series, the Q300 is designed for everyday computing and offers slightly less advanced specs. The Q300 Series features 3-bit-per-cell NAND MLC flash technology, and similar sequential read/write speeds to that of the Pro Series.

However, the Q300 weighs a bit more, starting at 1.73 ounces at its base 120GB configuration and 1.87 ounces at its maximum 960GB capacity. It also drains 5.1 Watts active, versus the Pro's more energy efficient 3 Watts.

Q300 Series capacities range from 120GB to 960GB. Prices start at $99 (£65, AU$141) and go up to $449 (£293, AU$640).

The hard drives

Toshiba also announced four new HDDs ranging in functionality from expert desktop options to a less advanced consumer-focused mobile option.

The professional grade X300 is 3.5-inches tall and offers up to 6TB of storage capacity. The P300 is a high performance model designed for home and office users that demand less power than X300 users. The P300 offers up to 3TB of storage capacity.

The E300 is a budget HDD that comes with up to 3TB of storage capacity. The L200 is a 2.5-inch mobile drive designed specifically for laptops and gaming consoles. The L200 offers up to 1TB of storage.

The X300 starts at $219.99 (£143, AU$312) for 4TB. The P300 starts at $74.99 (£43, AU$107) for 500GB. The E300 starts at $84.99 (£48, AU$117) for 1TB and the L200 starts at $79.99 (£45, AU$113) for 500GB.