This 3D printer on Kickstarter aims for Apple-like simplicity

Robox 3D printer
Ready, set, PRINT

The world of 3D printing seems to be outing new devices and concepts on a weekly basis, but it's still completely new tech for most people. As such, many are likely to file it under 'scary unknown territory' for some time to come.

Recognising this, British-based product development company CEL is taking a leaf out of Apple's book by pitching its Robox 3D printer as one that just works and is simple to use thanks to offering 'plug and print' functionality.

The Robox, which will only be launched if CEL's Kickstarter campaign reaches its £100,000 (around $162,000, or AU$176,382) funding target, is powered by the company's bespoke AutoMaker software that lets you load up a design before clicking start to set the machine in motion. It's already over a third of the way there having racked up £33,741 at the time of writing.

Fine tuning

According to its maker, the Robox packs a number of proprietary features that allows it to print finely tuned objects - including a rotating bed mechanism, closed feedback loop, and dual-pinch-wheel extrusion system - all of which help the printer feed and layer adhesives evenly.

Another is its dual-nozzle system that apparently improves print speeds by up to 300% compared to other printers. One is used to print on a detailed surface, whereas the other fills in larger areas, and both use a needle-valve system to stop substances oozing all over your shiny new desktop companion's insides.

If you're serious about getting your hands on a Robox, pledging £700 (around $1,133, or AU$1,235) will get you one when it rolls off the production line in March 2014 (add £20, around $32 or AU$35 for shipping outside of the UK).

Kane Fulton
Kane has been fascinated by the endless possibilities of computers since first getting his hands on an Amiga 500+ back in 1991. These days he mostly lives in realm of VR, where he's working his way into the world Paddleball rankings in Rec Room.