Surface Pro 4 keyboard with fingerprint sensor now out in UK

Surface Pro 4 with Fingerprint Sensor

There's some good news for those of you who have previously been eyeing up the fancier keyboard with added fingerprint sensor for Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, as the accessory is now available to pre-order in the UK (and other European countries).

The Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID (in black, or as Redmond calls it, onyx), which was previously only out in the US, bolsters security with biometrics and can now be snagged for the princely sum of £135.

If you pre-order now, the Type Cover will ship by March 15, so you should have it in a fortnight's time.

As Neowin reports, the accessory is also available to order online via the Microsoft store in France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, and furthermore it's out in Australia as well priced at AU$250.

Hello, Windows...

The built-in Fingerprint ID sensor lets you use the power of Windows Hello to login to your Surface device with one simple touch from your fingertip. The fingerprint scanner can also be used to do things like authorising an app purchase from the Windows Store.

As well as the latest Surface Pro 4, the keyboard is compatible with the Surface Pro 3, so those with a slightly older machine don't have to miss out.

It's not unusual to have to wait a long time before we see certain pieces of Microsoft hardware in this country, and by now we should be used to it. Indeed, the much acclaimed Surface Book itself didn't go on sale until a couple of weeks ago.

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