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Philips promises near-OLED image quality with affordable monitor

Philips Quantum Dot technology

Philips has become the first mainstream monitor manufacturer to release a display that uses Quantum Dot technology, the same that's used in Sony's TV range and in its new Xperia smartphone family.

The TPV-owned company partnered with QD Vision to unveil the 276E6ADS, one that has an IPS panel, a 27-inch diagonal, a full HD resolution and the usual array of connectors.

While the feature set sounds average on paper, the real eye-opening moment happens when you look at the actual product in flesh, displaying superb pictures even in non-optimal conditions.

Top-notch colour reproduction

Philips claims that the new monitor can display 99% of Adobe's RGB colour gamut or about 30% more than a standard display. That translates into a better colour vibrancy and overall improved pictures.

While it is not exactly OLED-level quality, it is very near and perhaps more importantly, doesn't cost nearly as much.

It is a shame though that the monitor has not not been shipped with a 4K resolution which would have made it a potential must-buy for content creation specialist.

Expect the monitor to go on sale across selected territories in the last quarter of the year with a suggested retail price of 349 Euros (about £255, $390, AU$ 555).

IFA coverage brought to you by the new Xperia™ Z5 from Sony

IFA coverage brought to you by the new Xperia™ Z5 from Sony