Capcom's Pragmata delayed again with a wholesome apology

Pragmata delay
(Image credit: Capcom)

It was a surprise to see Pragmata during the Capcom Showcase, but its trailer unfortunately brought some bad news about the game. Pragmata is now confirmed to be delayed beyond its projected 2023 release window.

That's a shame for everyone interested in Capcom's mysterious and odd sci-fi shooter, but the publisher at least went a step beyond the often-lampooned type of social media announcement that's drenched in PR speak.

The trailer shows a little girl scribbling on a piece of paper, completely absent-minded to the danger around her while her spacesuit-wearing guardian desperately protects her from enemy fire. The girl, Diana, is eventually carried off by her protector, leaving behind the apologetic scrawling that shows the game's release date is now a complete unknown. Yup, we now don't even have a vague timeframe.

Pragmata's development team leaves a message at the end of the trailer, stating:

"It is with a heavy heart that we must further postpone the release of Pragmata. Our team is currently hard at work making the best game that we possibly can, but we need more time.

"We will continue to do our best to ensure that the final product is one that is worthy of your patience. Thank you for your continued support."

It's not all bad news, as the new Pragmata trailer did give us some brief snippets of the game in action. It's looking to be a pretty intense action title, as our protagonist and Diana work together to fight an army of killer robots aboard a derelict space station. Seems like it'll have a pretty gorgeous soundtrack, too.

From what little we've seen so far, Pragmata is definitely giving me Vanquish vibes, with sprinklings of Devil May Cry 5 and System Shock for good measure. Capcom's been on superb form for the last half-decade, so here's hoping Pragmata shapes up to be another memorable hit from the publisher when it eventually launches.

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