Call of Duty Season 3 introduces a brand new form of Battle Pass bundle

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Call of Duty Season 3 is here, bringing updates to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 alike. 

Call of Duty Season 3 marks a new chapter for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, introducing a brand new form of Battle Pass called BlackCell as well as new weapons, maps, operators and cosmetic perks are available for players, alongside new game modes, events and the usual slew of patch notes.  

In Modern Warfare 2, Gunfight mode returns, allowing for tense 2v2 battles across four new maps including Shipment – an absolute fan favorite. The new season also introduces three new 6v6 maps alongside two new battle map locales, and a new Raid Episode, and a Special Ops mission: Defender: Hafid Port.  

Warzone 2 isn’t missing out, either. New mechanics are coming to the game, including redeployment drones and tempered plate carriers that’ll allow you to armor up mid-battle. The new season has also bought some fresh game modes to Warzone 2, giving up Plunder and Massive Resurgence – the former offering a fast-paced cash-grab mode while the latter takes Resurgence and applies it to the whole Al Mazrah locale. On top of all this, Warzone 2 is finally getting ranked play, a welcome addition that fans have wanted to see for ages.   

Perhaps most interesting, however, is the BlackCell Battle Pass Bundle. The bundle offers over 7,000 COD Points in value across both games, while including expedited Battle Pass progression, a brand new operator, bonus operator skins and the “Singularity” Assault Rifle Pro-Tuned Blueprint. 

Both barrels

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Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be particularly excited about a Battle Pass Bundle. However, the fact that BlackCell offers rewards across two separate titles did pique my interest. At its best, this new form of bundle could provide gamers with excellent value for money, while saving them from having to pick between their favorite titles. 

Other developers and games could doubtless learn from this example. For instance: Blizzard, the developers behind Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, could release a similar joint bundle for both games when the latter releases June 6. Though Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 offer more contrasting experiences than the duo of Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2, it seems like a bit of a no-brainer for Blizzard to offer something unique for fans of both games. 

Other developers and games could learn from Call of Duty's example

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 also provide markedly different experiences. Warzone is modeled after classic battle royale titles like Fortnite and PUBG and drags the genre kicking and screaming into the gritty world of Call of Duty. By contrast, Modern Warfare 2 offers a more traditional FPS experience, featuring a single-player campaign and the usual array of contrasting multiplayer modes.

While both titles scratch slightly different itches, it’s great to know that fans of both can now enjoy unique rewards that span both games. No longer will you have to choose between two faves. Finally, you can have your assault rifle and shoot it.

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