BlackBerry is getting to grips with Rust at last

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Blackberry and Elektrobit have announced a collaboration to support the Rust programming language in their automotive software development, which they report is “quickly gaining momentum” in the industry.

Rust is a memory-safe language that promises to provide a secure foundation for software development across endpoints

Memory safety vulnerabilities are a common security flaw and research shows that they account for 60-70% of all vulnerabilities across various operating systems. By eliminating these issues which are typically prevalent in C and C++, Rust is well-suited for safety-critical software.

Blackberry, Elektrobit, and Rust

“Safety is our ethos, and shouldn’t be something you opt-in to. It should always be there by default," John Wall, SVP and Head at Blackberry QNX, said in a statement. 

"With Rust we can continue to guarantee our customers a frictionless experience on our Software Development Platform, while not compromising on safety and performance-critical services.”

The relationship between Blackberry QNX and Elektrobit, which has been implementing projects in Rust since 2019, has a healthy history. The pair have helped to contribute code and ensure its quality with the Rust community.

The automotive industry is in the midst of a huge transition that will see technology be more deeply ingrained in every aspect of motoring, and the companies hope that Rust will lay the critical foundation for software-defined vehicles, where safety standards are paramount.

Blackberry QNX is said to be used by 215 million vehicles worldwide to date, including in commercial vehicles and heavy machinery, and it is expected to continue growing as industries advance and boundaries between automotive and tech markets shift.

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