Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner so far by Dreame - D9 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A family surrounding a Dreame D9 vacuum.
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 Smart vacuums have become one of the most popular cleaning devices to have in homes, as they do one of the most annoying and time-consuming household chores for you, saving you time and energy. As a result, the market for these devices is quite fierce, but it’s about to be shaken up by Dreame’s latest smart vacuum model, the D9. Here’s an overview of everything that makes it so awesome.

 Smart cleaning has never been this efficient


Above all else, any kind of vacuum needs to be good at, well, vacuuming. You can rest assured that the Dreame D9 is, as it’s capable of leveraging up to 3,000Pa of suction power. The cleaner will even automatically boost its suction when on carpets, which helps it collect dust, food, and other particles that are deep in the floor. Additionally, it also comes with a bacteria-killing wet mopping mode that can be used to clean stains and other types of messes that standard suction isn’t ideal for. The D9’s refined filter ensures that 99.7% of microscopic particles are filtered, and its wind tunnel guarantees that the sweeper will vacuum smoothly and without issue. 

Something else that’s awesome about the Dreame D9 is that it comes with multiple advanced mapping functions that allow you to address different types of cleaning needs with ease. Additionally, the D9 is also capable of running for up to 150 minutes on a full charge, which means you can clean up to 250 square meters before the cleaner needs to be charged again.

A dog next to a Dreame D9.

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Dreame’s advancements in the navigation and mapping department with the D9 led to the 3.0 LDS laser navigation system, which is powered by Dreame’s simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithm. This system acts as the root of the D9’s superior mapping functions and enables better route planning, faster room mapping, and better performance when crossing obstacles. There are also plenty of different cleaning instructions that you can give to the D9; you can tell it to clean the whole house, clean specified rooms, and have it sweep over an area twice. In addition, you can also draw virtual areas within rooms and tell the cleaner to sweep them, mop them, or avoid them entirely. The cleaner is capable of remembering up to three different floors of your home, too, so you can create effective cleaning plans no matter how big your home is. There’s also a companion app for the D9 you can get that lets you make plans for cleaning while you’re away from home. On top of this, the app lets you check the vacuum’s water levels for mopping and its battery life. If you prefer voice commands, the D9 sports full compatibility with Amazon Alexa, too.

Speaking of battery life, the cleaner’s 150 minutes of runtime stems from its huge 5,200mAh battery and its BMS Smart Battery Managing System that optimizes power consumption so that the battery lasts as long as possible. Both the battery capacity and the battery management system ensure that you’ll have more than enough time to complete multiple cleanings, meaning that worrying about battery all the time, like you have to do for other sweepers, isn’t a concern here. 

The Dreame D9 cleaning up a large mess on the floor.

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 What makes Dreame such a good choice? 


Ever since it was created back in 2015, Dreame Technology has become a global leader in the cleaning appliances industry, especially when it comes to smart devices. Dreame’s core principle has been to deliver effective and efficient cleaning to the household environment, no matter what type of solution you’re looking for.

Over the years, Dreame has spawned countless inventions and currently has over 150 core patents, including monocular machine vision, the SLAM algorithm, the high-speed motor, and more. And as the demand for top-notch cleaning devices rises, so too does Dreame’s rate of assembly. With its three full production lines, Dreame is able to guarantee an annual throughput of a million product units, ensuring that there will always be a Dreame product available for you no matter what type of cleaning solution you’re looking for.

 When you can get your hands on the Dreame D9 


 If you’re interested in getting a Dreame D9 for yourself, you thankfully won’t have to wait. This is because the smart vacuum is available now on Amazon for $399. Check it out now and enjoy the benefits of smart vacuuming! 


With its powerful vacuuming capabilities and impressive smart features, the Dreame D9 is a top-notch smart vacuum that will serve you excellently.