Avast wants to shake up smart home security using the power of 5G networks

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Security giant Avast has announced the launch of a smart home security service for the 5G network.

Avast Smart Life for 5G acts as a virtualized network function (VNF) that will enable operators to secure smart IoT products, handsets, and other devices both in and outside of the home. 

The platform is powered by Avast's AI-driven threat intelligence technology, which scans all traffic to a customer's smart home setup, with anything deemed malicious being instantly blocked at a network level. Customers are automatically alerted to any suspicious activity on stationary or mobile devices.

Furthermore, subscribers are given parental controls enabling them to moderate the content made available to children who are using devices connected to the home network. It's also possible to identify which users and devices are connected to this network at any particular time.

5G security

“With family security, privacy, and online safety presenting significant concerns for consumers, delivering advanced security in the network is an opportunity for carriers,” said Nick Viney, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Avast’s Partner Business Unit.

Avast Smart Life for 5G is more a solution to securing home security systems than a standalone home security product. Nevertheless, it could become an effective tool for security service providers that wish to integrate it. 

As a VNF, Avast Smart Life for 5G can be easily integrated into existing third-party systems. Thanks to the power and scope of 5G, Avast’s next-generation home security solution will enable operators to protect customers devices and home networks at the virtual router level. 

Kieron Allen

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