Apple quietly launched “Mac Does That” campaign for businesses

MacBook Pro campaign
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We’re not sure when exactly Apple launched its new business-oriented campaign called “Mac Does that” but they did it in super stealth, quasi secretive mode with a handful of B2B partners and with some very uncharacteristic design choices. 

Google Cache shows that the main landing page went live about four weeks ago but it looks that it went live at least a few months ago

The slogan “Mac does that” is reminiscent of the adverts one could find in paper magazines at the turn of the century, and the campaign was handled by Center, a brand and design company based in Brooklyn, New York (via Forrest Huu Ta).

B2B, the next growth market

“Easy, Powerful, Amazing” reads the copy, but we can’t help but notice what many might consider to be a major faux-pas: the use of italics and fluorescent green to highlight the Mac-attitude.

Of interest is the fact that the campaign features the more expensive MacBook Pro despite the fact that the iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Studio and the Mac Mini are also “Macs”. 

Features that make the MacBook attractive to consumers were also mentioned: the seamless link to the iPhone, the fact that so many apps run natively on the OS, the massive, unrivaled 22-hour battery life, its cloud-native ability and the unique Apple silicon that powers almost every Apple produces.

Where it got more interesting was the inclusion of other enterprise stats: 84% of what Apple considers to be the world’s top innovators deploy Mac at scale in their businesses, the Mac is apparently 3x less expensive to support than Windows thanks to fewer tickets as well.

Close Apple partners (Connection and CDW in the US and Canada) have just started seeding videos on YouTube that highlight one particular feature of the OS (e.g. ease of management, multitasking etc).

Macs have been used as workstations and business PCs for decades, but as Apple has grown, so has its ambitions in B2B.

Apple has been looking to expand its footprint outside of its traditional audience of consumers and creative professionals. The dominance of the brand in the smartphone industry in the US has slowly allowed it to capture new growth opportunities.

In fact, Apple is the only PC vendor that has seen growth over consecutive quarters in a global market that has been savaged by the pandemic, disruptions to supply chains worldwide and the cost-of-living crisis, exacerbated by the Russo-Ukrainian war.

In November 2022, just before Black Friday 2022, it gave a rare discount to small and medium businesses looking to buy multiple MacBook laptops (up to 10% off the 14-inch and 16-inch models) in a bid to increase sales ahead of the holiday season.

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