A major Google Chrome bug could let criminals attack your PC remotely

Google Chrome
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Google is advising Chrome users to ensure their desktop browser is up to date after discovering a serious security bug.

The vulnerability affects Windows, macOS and Linux devices (but not iOS and Android phones), and could allow attackers to run code remotely. That could mean installing malware, stealing valuable data, or bypass security systems.

As Forbes reports, governments and large businesses are most at risk because the amount of sensitive data andpotential for damage makes them more worth the effort of targeting, but there's still a danger to home users.

Chrome should update itself to the latest version automatically, but if you're not certain, open the main menu and select 'Help', followed by 'About Chrome'. Versions prior to 76.0.3809.132 are at risk.

Protect yourself

There are no reports of the vulnerability being successfully expolited, but if a user with an unpatched version of Chrome visited a specially created website, an attacker could execute code through the browser. 

Depending on the privileges associated with the browser, this could allow them to see, change or delete data, install software, or even create new user accounts with admin rights.

To avoid falling victim to a similar flaw in future, the Center for Internet Security recommends keeping automatic updates switched on, not using an accounts with admin privileges for everyday web browsing, and be aware of the risks of following web links in emails – even if they seem to come from a trusted source.

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