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Easynews review

Our #1 choice for Usenet search. Exceptional Usenet access from any mobile or desktop device with the fastest, most accurate search technology.

Easynews review
(Image: © Easynews )

Our Verdict

The new and improved Easynews 3.0 interface makes this the best choice for Usenet search. Loads of features, fast and accurate search results with file previews, dependable Usenet access included, and it can be accessed from any web browser on any device.


  • #1 for Usenet search
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fast and accurate search results with file previews
  • Usenet access from any mobile or desktop device
  • Exclusive free trial + 75% lifetime discount


  • Basic VPN client
  • No Bitcoin payment option

Easynews has provided reliable Usenet service for almost 25 years and offers quite an innovative and convenient feature -- the ability to search, preview, download and even unpack and view newsgroup files from your web browser.

This has some important benefits. First, you don't have to install and set up a newsreader. Second, it means you can access Usenet from mobile devices, which is especially notable considering that Usenet access has historically been limited to desktop.

Easynews 3.0 was also just released which introduces many new features and updates to the search engine and interface. Most notable among them is faster and more accurate Usenet search results. There are also new and improved search results views (thumbnail and block), making it easy to scan through your search query results. 

To access the service, open your browser, go to, then log into your account. From there you can run search queries, scan through the results that include thumbnail and block previews, then download or even access the file (depending on the type of file) from your browser.  

Easynews offers 3 Usenet plans. Each plan includes access to the web interface and a free trial with up to 50 GB of access. The first option is the monthly Big Gig plan, which is $9.99 (£7.76) per month for your first 3 months. This gives you 150GB of access to the web Usenet interface plus unlimited monthly NNTP Usenet access and a free Zero-log VPN account. The normal price for this plan is $29.94, meaning you get 67% off for your first 3 months of service. 

There are 2 other plan options available with prices varying based on the amount of GB you need per month. The Classic plan is $9.98 (£7.74) per month, which will give you 20 GB of access each month (unused data will roll into your next month). The Plus plan is $14.97 (£11.62) and will give you 40 GB of access each month (unused data will also roll into your next month with this plan). Like the Big Gig plan, both of these options come with a 14 day free trial with 50 GB of access.  

An exclusive TechRadar deal is available that will give you unlimited access to Easynews 3.0, free VPN, and full retention for only $7.50/mo. This is a 75% lifetime discount, and a free trial is also included.


Easynews has a well-presented privacy policy: clear, concise, yet also packed with the details you need to know.

The opening section states clearly in the opening that they ‘do not monitor which newsgroups you post to or download from.’ Other companies regularly use thousands more words while somehow giving you much less information.

The policy goes on to explain what data is collected when you sign up or browse the website, and how and when the company might contact you. These sections are lengthier, but still clearly written and with none of the legal jargon you'll see elsewhere.

Other companies regularly use thousands more words while somehow giving you much less information.

The policy goes on to explain what data is collected when you sign up or browse the website, and how and when the company might contact you. These sections are lengthier, but still clearly written and with none of the legal jargon you'll see elsewhere.


The Easynews Usenet interface is impressive. It’s mobile friendly, returns fast and accurate search results, includes article previews, and gives you access to Usenet from pretty much any device.

To sign up for an Easynews free trial, you will need to select a plan and enter your email address and payment details (PayPal and cards are supported). There were no surprises or complications when we signed up. The process was completed within moments, and a few seconds later a welcome email arrived with info on how to get started and additional support links. 

The interface is what really makes this service stand out. When you log into your account, you will see the default Article Search area. Enter a search query, then select the type of file you are looking for using some simple radio buttons. The default settings will show you ‘All’ results, but you can filter for options like video, image, audio, image, etc. 

We found during our testing that Easynews provided impressive search results in terms of accuracy and speed. File previews accompanied each result, which was helpful for choosing among the search results. 

There is a turbocharged 'Advanced Search,' that includes the most complete search filter capabilities we have seen in any Usenet search interface. As with the basic search, just enter a keyword, then select what options you want to filter by. The list of options is impressive and lets you build a fully personalized search. Here are some of filter options features available: 

  • Subject
  • File name
  • File extension
  • Poster
  • Groups
  • Group exclusions
  • Audio codec
  • Video codec
  • Remove duplicates
  • Hover thumbnails
  • Hover information
  • Spam filter
  • File size range
  • File pixel range
  • File FPS range
  • Bit-rate range
  • Hertz range

There are other helpful features engineered into the interface. A few of the main notables we found:

  • Download multiple files at the same time -- You can select multiple files as you scan through your search results. When you’re done, send everything to your Zip Manager for processing.
  • Group Search -- Search by group name, then filter and browse results. You can also add newsgroups to your ‘Favorites’ list.
  • Zip Manager -- View the list of files in a Zip queue, edit the name of your queue, send your queue for processing, clear your queue, etc. You can also enable hover-over thumbnails and hover-over article information.
  • Favorites -- Browse your favorite newsgroups and even opt to get a notification any time new articles become available in your favorite newsgroup.
  • Saved Searches -- From the Advanced Search area, you can save a query to your Saved Searches for future use. The Saved Searches page will even show you the number of results available and the date the last search was run.
  • Other Personal Preferences -- Set your interface language preferences, theme, font size, etc.

Overall, Easynews 3.0 is impressive and produces the best search results we’ve seen of any news clients or NZB search engines out there. You can set up and access Easynews with newsreader apps, too. We configured Usenet Wire and Grabit with Easynews’ NNTP service and both performed well, reaching 40Mbps download speeds with only five connections. With 60 connections available, that leaves plenty of room to max out even some of the fastest internet connections. It also provides 4,106 days of retention and growing daily across all text and binary newsgroups. 

Finally, we tried to set up the Easynews VPN. This turned out to be surprisingly difficult as the installer repeatedly failed. The reason wasn't clear, though, so we're not counting this as a major Easynews issue. If anything, it showed a positive side to the company, as the tech support team responded to our initial request within minutes.

The client looks raw and is short on features, but at least it seemed easy enough to use. A list of locations is sortable by country, city, server or response times; you can choose your preferred protocol (OpenVPN UDP or TCP, L2TP or PPTP) from the same screen, then connect in a couple of clicks.

While the client has its issues, we had no complaints about its peak performance. Our nearest UK server managed 35Mbps and more, and switching to Denmark and Netherlands still gave us more than 30Mbps. US connections were relatively disappointing during testing, peaking at 15Mbps, and Asian locations struggled to reach 5Mbps. Still, if you're more interested in getting a new IP than exactly where it's located, Easynews should deliver all the power you need, and it is also included free.

Final verdict

The new Easynews 3.0 is our #1 choice for Usenet search -- It has fast and accurate results, includes file previews with your search results, and its web-based Usenet search engine can be accessed from any device, mobile included.

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