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AOC LE42K0D7D review

Affordable edge LED set with 100Hz, but average pictures and no Freeview HD tuner

Will AOC's return with LE42K0D7D be triumphant?


  • Vibrant picture
  • Slender design
  • Straightforward operating system


  • Unbalanced colour palette
  • Motion blur
  • 100Hz side effects
  • Backlight inconsistency
  • No Freeview HD tuner
  • Disjointed audio

The last, tough couple of years have taken their toll on the TV scene, with a handful of smaller manufacturers disappearing from the UK. Now a potential ray of hope arrives from San Francisco-based (Taiwanese-originated) AOC in the intriguing, 42-inch shape of the LE42L0D7D.

The last release of any note from AOC was the TV20542E way back in 2005, so it will be interesting to see how the firm has spent the intervening years and how its TV know-how measures up on a much larger screen.

Perhaps surprisingly for a brand known more for aggressive pricing than innovation, AOC has chosen an edge LED backlight for the LE42L0D7D. This popular method of arraying lights around the frame of the screen enables radically slender cabinets and, at 46.1mm deep, this set is much narrower than any conventionally (cold-cathode fluorescent, or CCFL) backlit display.

Also worth noting are multimedia playback via USB, a Real Colour engine, a three-year warranty and 100Hz processing.

AOC now has a whole range of edge LED TVs, though from the LE42K0D7D you have to drop down quite a way to the 32-inch LE32K0D7D, with three small K0D7D models below that at 24, 22 and 19-inch sizes.

Alongside the LED sets are a range of affordable CCFL LCD models, again covering 42 to 19-inch sizes and based around three series: the A91, B81 and W98s.

John Archer

AV Technology Contributor

John has been writing about home entertainment technology for more than two decades - an especially impressive feat considering he still claims to only be 35 years old (yeah, right). In that time he’s reviewed hundreds if not thousands of TVs, projectors and speakers, and spent frankly far too long sitting by himself in a dark room.