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Magic Leap's new virtual reality demo looks good (too good)

Magic Leap VR augmented reality

There's good-looking virtual reality, and then there's a demo that looks too good to be true. This is definitely one of the latter.

The Google-funded VR company Magic Leap cancelled its TED appearance this week, but this is the video they would have shown there - and it's very, very impressive.

There's no evidence that the crazy-awesome augmented reality Gmail and Youtube interfaces, first-person shooter gameplay and impressive hand-motion recognition are a legit, working game. This certainly looks more like a proof-of-concept than something that's actually working.

But if it shows even a hint of what Magic Leap, Google and their partner, Weta Workshop, have been cooking up, then the future of augmented and virtual reality may be even cooler than we would have guessed.

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Via The Verge