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Windows 10 20H2 rollout adds a refreshed start menu design

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Windows 10 October update has started rolling out. Apart from a slew of new features, this incremental update also brings forth a refreshed start menu design. Other key changes include- new UI for ALT Tab function and of course the bundled Edge browser.

The most noticeable change is the redesigned start menu that will now come with transparent tiles instead of solid coloured tiles that you’re already used to seeing.

This design tweak, however, doesn’t change anything in terms of the function but will offer a better visual experience with tiles blending with the desktop wallpaper or themes. Microsoft also feels that the new design will also help users locate their applications easily.

That said, in case you do not like the new semi-transparent look of the start menu, there is always an option to bring the colours back by tweaking options in settings.

Apart from bundling the new chromium-based Edge browser, Microsoft is offering all the Edge tabs in the Alt+Tab menu to help users multitask easily. This integration will also help in increasing the adoption and usage of the new browser whose user base has grown substantially of late.

Next up is a feature that gamers would prefer. The new Windows 10 update adds an ability to easily adjust the refresh rate of your monitors, in case they support a faster refresh rate. You will now be able to toggle refresh rates right from the Settings menu and then going to System settings and the new toggle will be available under the Advanced Display Settings under Display option.

Additionally, Microsoft has made the Windows 10 more touch-friendly and in case you are using a laptop with a de-attachable keyboard, the taskbar will automatically shrink the moment you switch to tablet mode. This makes the taskbar more compact, cleaner and personalized. Going forward, Microsoft will also include app logos in the notification hence removing the scope of guesswork.

This free update is being rolled out in a staggered manner and will be available on your laptop or PC in a few days in case it is already not there. Hence, stay tuned. Also, there are reports that some users are facing issues with the new update hence ensure that you backup your data before installing the new update.

Via: The Verge

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