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Adobe doubles down on marketing management with Neolane acquisition

Adobe Marketing Cloud
It spreads further

Adobe has splashed out $600 million for Neolane, a provider of marketing campaign management solutions based in Paris.

Neolane helps organisations launch and manage marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, including web, email, social, mobile, call centre, direct mail and point of sale (PoS).

Adobe is absorbing the company into its Marketing Cloud suite of solutions, where it will sit alongside its Target, Social, Analytics, Experience Manager and Media Optimiser products. Neolane, whose revenue grew 40% year-on-year in 2012 to about $60 million, will bring along more than 400 customers.

In a blogpost on the company's website, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Adobe's Digital Marketing business Brad Rechner says the combination of Adobe and Neolane will give customers richer customer profiles, greater activation of social and mobile data, better definition of highly valuable customer segments and more sophisticated automation and execution platforms.

CRM war

The acquisition sees Adobe take the lead of other customer relationship management (CRM) vendors in making an acquisition to bolster its capabilities. SAP snapped up e-commerce technology provider Hybris last month, and paid out $1.6 billion to get its hands on cloud marketing platform ExactTarget.

TechMarketView analyst Angela Eager wrote in a blogpost that while the deal was not in the same league as the ExactTarget acquisition, Adobe would benefit by gaining the tools needed to link campaigns with analytics and real-time activities. This should open the door to more effective, personalised campaigns, rich data insight and potentially the ability to offer marketing and data services.

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