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Portal 2 co-writer Jay Pinkerton returns to Valve

One of Valve’s most influential creators has returned to the developer-turned-publisher-turned-developer a year after leaving the company, according to PC Gamer

Jay Pinkerton, one of the co-writers for Portal 2 alongside Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek, was spotted on Valve's staff page by a Reddit user and was later confirmed by a Valve representative to have officially returned to the fold.

While Pinkerton was most notable for his work on Portal 2, he also worked on Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 as well as the comic adaptation of Team Fortress 2. 

Valve wouldn’t disclose what project Pinkerton would be working on now that he’s back but, considering that Valve has a new Hearthstone-esque card game called Artifact well into development and recently acquired developer Campo Santo and its new game, In the Valley of Gods, our bet is on one of those.

While Valve has slowly but surely shifted away from a hardware and marketplace-focused company back into game dev, the recent acquisition of Campo Santo and the unveiling of Artifact might be the two most definitive signs that Valve is ready to recommit to development. Pinkerton's return is icing on an already sweet cake.

That said, don't count your slices before the cake is ready...