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Minty PSP, new Mickey and no more Matsushita

Of the many daily news items that don't ever merit a full story, we definitely count Sony releasing a Japan-only pastel-coloured PSP at the top of the pile. The Mint Green PlayStation Portable will arrive in the land of its fathers on 28 February, starting at ¥19,800 (£92), and joins the other pale PSPs there, including lilac and blue models.

The company's Blume series of products is aimed at women and girls who might not dig a black handheld from Sony when the nice people at Nintendo offer their DS Lite in a rainbow of far more palatable shades.

Hello Mickey, goodbye Matsushita

Meanwhile, iRiver Japan has added to the Disney Mplayer Swarovski range of garish baubles by upchucking a gaggle of new colour variations. The ¥16,800 (£78) 1GB player now includes options with hearts on the Disney rodent's ears and almost a dozen others perfect for Valentine's day. They're on sale now.

Lastly, after years of speculation since the founder's death in 1989, it's finally time to say goodbye to the Matsushita name behind Panasonic too. The company announced this afternoon that it will officially drop the old Japanese family name it has been known by since 1918 in favour of the well-known brand borne by most of its products.