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PS Vita sales falter in Japan

PS Vita
PS Vita sales estimates are way below expectations

Sony's brand new PS Vita sold only 72,479 units in the week leading up to Christmas, according to unofficial figures.

The Media Create Co. in Japan reckon that uptake has dropped from promising estimated opening week sales of 324,859.

Sony has declined to comment on the reports, but if the figures prove to be accurate it would surely represent a disastrous return for the company.

Too costly?

The feeling in Sony's native Japan appears to be that the retail price of the handheld console and the accompanying launch titles are just too high.

It wasn't until a drastic early price cut that sales of the Nintendo 3DS sparked into life and Sony may have to follow suit if the PS Vita is to enjoy a similar fate.

The console launches in the UK and United States on 22 February and will cost £229.99, while top titles like Uncharted will be a whopping £44.99.

Via: PC Magazine