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PlayStation 4 plans start to take shape

Sony will definitely look to get the PS4 out the door before the next Xbox

It isn't hard to guess what's likely to be in the next version of the PlayStation when Sony moves on to generation four in a few years' time, so the news that we appear to have a leak of sorts isn't exactly Earth-shattering.

According to Japanese site PC Watch, Sony discussions with software developers suggest that the PS4 will still be based on the Cell Broadband Engine processor, but that it will be twice as powerful as the PS3.

Cell all the way

Whether that's to be achieved through some sort of co-processor or by optimising the Cell, we can only speculate – we'd say the latter.

More significantly, the scuttlebutt that apparently comes from somewhere inside Sony Computer Entertainment holds that the PS4 will have to be cheap to build and, therefore, to buy.

Lastly, we have a likely launch pinned some time during 2011 and the earnest hope that Sony's next console will beat the third Xbox to market, unlike last time, when the Xbox 360 had a lead over the PS3 of almost a full year.