Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah: story, stats, and classes

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 noah with a sword drawn
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In Xenoblade Chronicles, 3 Noah is the first character we’re introduced to. We see the war between Keves and Agnus as well as Aionios itself through his eyes. Though by no means the sole protagonist of the story, he takes a special place in the game’s narrative. 

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we are treated to a step up in JRPG storytelling, thanks, in no small part, to Noah’s characterization. Already a hit on Nintendo Switch, Noah is in many respects the heart of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 character roster. In contrast to most JRPG protagonists, Noah is surprisingly soulful and reflective. He is driven but also serves as the calm center of the main party, keeping his allies focused and helping them overcome their personal divides. 

In this guide, you’ll learn all about his personality, stats, and class affinities within Xenoblade Chronicles 3 combat. Though he starts off as a Swordfighter, a number of class options become available to Noah as he progresses through the story, and some are better than others. Here’s your spoiler-free guide to who Noah is, and how to get the most out of him. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah: personality

Xenoblade chronicles noah with off-seer flute

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Very early on in the story, we learn that Noah is an Off-Seer; a ritualist responsible for laying deceased soldiers to rest. While a flute is not the implement we might expect a JRPG protagonist to wield, the musical instrument entirely fits with Noah's more soulful and melancholic demeanor.   

Unlike his foil Lanz, Noah isn't particularly invested in the Keves–Agnus war. He sees conflict as a necessity, but never relishes having to kill and harm others to survive. However, beneath his calm exterior, he has a warm heart. As well as being highly protective of his friends, Noah always does his best to protect innocent life – regardless of where it originated. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah: stats

Xenoblade chronicles noah class menu

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In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, each character has certain stats that they inherently level up. This means that some characters are more predisposed toward certain classes than others (more on this later). 

Noah is particularly gifted when it comes to Attack Power while boasting strong HP too. His Dexterity and Agility are respectable while his Healing Power is middling. This means he exceeds in offense-oriented Attacker roles, as well as the punchier Defender classes. As you might expect, he is ill-suited for Healer roles, so don't expect him to revive allies any time soon. Despite this though, he remains one of the more versatile party members.  

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah: Class affinities

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 character guide: Noah with his hand on his sword

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To save you time and energy, we've tabulated all of Noah's Class affinities. There are a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes, but these are the ones you should assign to him for him to excel.

Ranging from 'S' (being the best) to 'D' (being the worst), these affinities indicate how effective Noah is at performing certain battlefield roles. If Noah doesn't have a great affinity for your desired class, don't worry. Since you can switch characters, you have the option to play as any of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's different combat archetypes. As expected, Noah is best used as a Swordfighter, Flash Fencer, Guardian Commander, or Stalker. 

  • Swordfighter – S
  • Guardian Commander – S
  • Flash Fencer – S
  • Stalker – S
  • Zephyr – A
  • Machine Assassin – A
  • Yumsmith – A
  • Martial Artist – A
  • Strategos – B
  • Medic gunner – B
  • Heavy Guard B
  • Full Metal Jaguar – B
  • Lost Vanguard – B
  • War Medic – C
  • Lone Exile – C
  • Tactician – C
  • Lone Exile – C
  • Troubadour – C
  • Soulhacker – C
  • Ogre – D
  • Thaumaturge – D
  • Incursor – D
  • Signifier – D
  • Seraph – D

Now you know exactly who Noah is, what he's like, and how to best use him on the battlefield. Be mindful of Class affinities and Noah will serve you well during your travels throughout Aionios.

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