Why does Call of Duty: Warzone keep crashing on PS5?

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Why does Call of Duty: Warzone keep crashing on PS5? Players have begun reporting that their PS5 experiences with the free-to-play shooter are being marred by crashing issues that are preventing them from having smooth online experiences. Here’s what you need to know to try and get back into the action. 

The PS5 version of Call of Duty: Warzone seems to be a particular problem currently, with more and more reported crashes coming in from frustrated players. It’s not entirely clear what the cause of this is, but it is something that Raven Software is aware of. Thankfully, it seems like help is on the way too. 

In recent tweets, Raven has said that a mid-season patch is imminent. The developer states that this should alleviate issues like crashing, and other problems encountered by players not just on PS5, but on Xbox consoles too. 

Raven Software posted on Twitter: "We'd like to provide an update regarding #Warzone performance on console platforms. With the mid-season patch tomorrow, we will be shipping initial fixes in order to help alleviate a number of different issues encountered on both Xbox and PlayStation."

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This patch should help alleviate some of the issues plaguing players, and get the game running smoother. Here’s hoping that will indeed be the case, as crashing out of a game you were doing well in is exceptionally annoying, to say the least.  

What can you do to stop Call of Duty: Warzone from crashing? 

You don't have to wait for the upcoming patch and hope it fixes the issues you may be encountering, though. Raven Software has offered some advice on how to get the game running in a more stable state on PS5. 

Help comes on the developer’s official Trello, where it outlines what is being worked on currently. A card titled “[PlayStation] PlayStation Performance: We are investigating various performance-related issues on the PlayStation platform” comes with a couple of tips.

It seems higher framerates could be one of the key culprits of the issue. In order to fix this, you will have to disable 120Hz mode in the menus. This will knock the game down from 120 frames per second down to 60. It might be an annoying concession for many, but if the alternative is the game crashing, this seems to be the best fix. 

Elsewhere, disabling on-demand texture streaming will also supposedly help with crashing errors. This option allows Call of Duty: Warzone to download high-quality textures on the fly, making the game look better. However, it seems like some issues have been tied to this. 

Again, there is a patch expected soon, so here’s hoping that it tackles the lion’s share of the issues. Then players can hopefully get back to taking over servers, or… dying without any kills off the drop. But who’s counting? 

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