Street Fighter 6 crossplay: can you play with other platforms?

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Is Street Fighter 6 crossplay available at launch? Well, like with any fighting game, its success largely hinges on how easy it is for players to pick up and play with their friends.

As we highlighted in our Street Fighter 6 review, the game boasts some pretty seamless online functionality, shown off brilliantly in the online Battle Hub suite. It’s easier than ever to jump in and out of matches, and you’re flexible to test out some characters before jumping into an online match and pitting your skills against other competitors or working on your rank. 

So as charming as the single-player World Tour mode is, you’re bound to utilize Street Fighter 6’s online capabilities at some point either with friends or complete strangers. Here's how playing with friends on other platforms works in Street Fighter 6.

Does Street Fighter 6 have crossplay?

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Fortunately, Street Fighter 6 supports crossplay across all available platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Regardless of your platform, you’ll be able to jump into a match with any player, providing they have crossplay functionality enabled. 

The Battle Hub will pair you with any player that sits across from you and provide an opportunity to mingle and play games with others online, so having access to only playing with those on the same platform as you would massively cut down your potential opponents. In addition, cross-play is also available for Fighting Ground matches. You can also set your game to automatically search for ranked and unranked matches if you’d prefer.

How to disable crossplay in Street Fighter 6

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Of course, with online play comes potential lag and input delay depending on you and your opponents' connection. We’d always recommend connecting an ethernet cable to your console or PC when playing to ensure you’ve got a consistent, strong connection, but if you want to stick to playing exclusively with opponents on the same platform as you to combat as many connectivity issues as possible, you can disable crossplay incredibly easily. 

To do so, head to the Multi Menu, navigate to Options and underneath the Game tab, you’ll find the option to toggle crossplay on or off. Although this will limit your potential opponents and matches may take slightly longer to connect due to a smaller pool of eager fighters, you may find yourself competing in more efficient games if your connection isn’t entirely up to scratch otherwise. 

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