How to get closed alpha Multiversus codes

Ultra-Instinct Shaggy grabbing Scorpion by the throat
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Quick steps

  • Try Discord
  • Visit the subreddits
  • Check out Kinguin marketplace

When Warner Bros. announced its platform fighter Multiversus back in November, gamers around the internet combusted. Ultra-instinct Shaggy from all the memes is about to become a reality? A game that looks to compete with the likes of Super Smash Bros., Brawlhalla, and Rivals of Aether? Fighting alongside Batman and Finn the Human? It’s all of our nerdy dreams come true. 

However, through various early game tests, many players have been left in the dust with no early access codes. The official Discord server and subreddit have been bombarded with requests for players' spare keys, as those who were invited to play the game organically got three extra access keys for inviting friends to play the cross-platform brawler. 

In the current closed alpha, what’s been named “code-begging” has peaked to the point of the official Discord server shuttering communications while they “recalibrate a few things.” These “things” are presumably remedies to the rampant scams from users attempting to sell alpha Multiversus codes, being banned, and then creating alternate accounts to promote the very same banned account. 

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The hydra of issues with the Discord aside, there are ways to get Multiversus codes. We’re going to tell you a few of them here. Keep in mind that none of these methods are guaranteed, and one of them costs a small bit of money, but we’ll let you know how to safeguard your funds and avoid scams, as well. Without further ado, here are a few ways to get closed alpha Multiversus codes.

Method 1: The official Discord

Multiversus Discord

Multiversus Discord (Image credit: Future)

We’re not sure if things will be the same once the Discord is fully back, but previously on the server, there was a code sharing channel for players to share their spare alpha Multiversus codes with other users. At least, that was what it was intended to be. Upon the start of the current alpha, the channel was immediately flooded with users, new to the server and begging for codes. It only got worse as new users were joining the server every second and hopping into #code-sharing to further clog it. 

How do you get a code from this? Well, it’s not easy, nor is it quick. Also, some advice; do not send a Discord user money for a Multiversus code. Part of the reason the server has been shuttered is because of rampant scams by users who request money for codes but never actually send codes.

To get a Multiversus code from the Discord server (join here) you’ll need to watch the messages very intently. Every once in a while someone will say something along the lines of “I have codes” or “DM me first come first serve for codes”. That’s when you’ll click on their profile picture and type a very quick message asking if they really have codes, and if you can have one.

This method is hit or miss, as many of those messages will not be met with replies. But, if you’re persistent, you’re bound to get one at some point. Again, don’t send anyone on Discord money for a code; you probably won’t get one back. In the meantime, check out our other methods for obtaining Multiversus codes. 

 Method 2: The subreddits

Multiversus subreddit

Multiversus subreddits (Image credit: Future)

This method is very similar to the Discord method. Find a user who is giving away Multiversus codes, send them a message, and possibly get a code in response. Here is the official subreddit, and here is the community-owned subreddit

We’d recommend sorting posts by “new” and refreshing the page often, as well, for the best odds of getting a code. Like Discord, this method isn’t guaranteed to yield a Multiversus code, but this next method is, if you have a bit of cash. Also like Discord, don’t try to buy codes here. Try that in the next method instead.

Method 3: Kinguin

Multiversus Kinguin

Multiversus Kinguin (Image credit: Future)

Disclaimer: Multiversus is a free game, and the closed alpha lasts until May 27th at 8PM ET/5PM PT. While we would normally advise heavily against paying money for a game that will have a free-to-play open beta in July, we understand that this is a highly anticipated game and players who are serious about the game want the head start that other players are already getting. 

Kinguin is a game key marketplace. This means that pretty much anyone can post a listing for a game key on the site, and similar to eBay, they all have seller ratings for how they handle transactions. To get an alpha Multiversus code from Kinguin, search for the game, choose your platform, and proceed with the transaction as you would any other site. 

Critical advice: always use PayPal to buy keys on this site and other game key marketplaces. Picking a seller with a good rating will make the transaction go smoothly, but there’s always a chance for bad actors to unexpectedly show their faces. 

In the event that you buy a key and don’t receive it within an hour or so, simply request a refund from PayPal and, once they verify that you have not received what you bought, you’ll quickly get your money back. 

Again, this is a free game, but waiting for WBGames to drop you a code seems endless, and the alpha will only go on for so long.

 How to redeem Multiversus codes? 

Multiversus redeem codes

Multiversus redeem codes (Image credit: Future)

Alpha Multiversus codes will either come in the form of a link to or in the form of a Steam, Playstation, or Xbox code to be redeemed on their respective storefronts.

To redeem the code via the link, simply follow the link and it will prompt you to sign in or sign up for a WBGames account. Once that’s done, choose your preferred platform and the key will be revealed to you. Further instructions for redeeming your platform-specific code are linked under the code. 

That’s all folks! We wish you luck. Enjoy playing as Jake the dog alongside ultra-instinct Shaggy against Batman and Arya Stark.

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