How to add the NordVPN extension to Chrome

NordVPN on laptop

NordVPN is a Panama-registered service which provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) products for over a million customers. With advanced encryption, an automatic kill-switch and custom software for each platform, it's no wonder NordVPN is considered among the best VPN services out there.

Priding itself with strict no-logs policy, NordVPN allows you to connect as many as 6 devices simultaneously and has extensions for Firefox and Chrome. All this comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This guide will show you how to add the NordVPN extension to your Chrome browser.

VPN Apps

1. Locate and open your favorite browser. Navigate to the NordVPN website, click on the Get it now button and Sign in (top right corner) if you have an account. If you don’t, then you can sign up for an account and then sign in.

2. Click on VPN Apps in the upper right section of the web page.

Download VPN for all your devices

3. Scroll down to the section that says Download VPN for all your devices and click on the Chrome button.

Add NordVPN extension to Chrome

4. Click on the red Add to Chrome button.

Chrome web store

5. Clicking on it will take you to Chrome web store. Click on the blue Add to Chrome button in the top right section of the page.

Add extension

6. A prompt will ask you to confirm the installation of the extension, listing the permissions it will have once you add it to your browser. Select Add extension.

Added to Chrome

7. After the extension is installed, the blue button will turn green and will now say Added to Chrome.

Extension added to Chrome

8. An icon will appear in the upper right section of your Chrome window, right next to the address bar.

Sign in

9. Clicking the NordVPN icon will open a box with a red Sign in button. Click on this if you have already signed up. If you haven’t, then there’s a Sign up link just below the button.

Saved login credentials

10. Enter your credentials and click Sign in. Notice the little grey NordVPN icon will turn blue.

(Image credit: After sign in process)

11. Once you’re signed in, you have two options: Auto connect and Choose location.

Connected to Canada

12. Choose location lets you choose the country you want to be shown as your location. Let’s say you chose Canada. Your choice will be confirmed and that’s it, you’ve set up your NordVPN extension. You also have the option to either Disconnect or Change location.  

If you don’t care which country will show as your location, then just click the Auto connect button, which means your current country will be shown as your location. Notice the NordVPN icon will turn green once you have connected to any location.

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