Ghost of Tsushima Curse of Uchitsune guide: how to get the powerful Longbow

ghost of tsushima curse of uchitsune
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Struggling to puzzle out the Curse of Uchitsune map in Ghost of Tsushima? If you are, then the reward isn't worth giving up on: completing this Mythic Tale rewards you with the Longbow, a more damaging ranged weapon than Half Bow given to you by Sensei Ishikawa early on. The problem is, you’ve got a few hoops to jump through before you can start raining down heavy arrows on the invading Mongols.

As one of the seven Mythic Tales in the game, Ghost of Tsushima’s Curse of Uchitsune quest is longer than your standard mission, with some more complex objectives. The rewards are always worthwhile, though, so we’re here to help you through this one, including how to find the Hiyoshi island and mountain in your pursuit of ranged dominance.

Ghost of Tsushima Curse of Uchitsune: how to start the Mythic Tale

To begin your adventure, head to the raised area on the north side of Hiyoshi Springs, the place you first look for Ishikawa in one of the early main missions. Then go to the other side of the hut from the area’s Bamboo Strike. Equally, you can chat to the citizens of Tsushima when a speech bubble appears above their heads, and they’re often more than happy to point you in the right direction.

You may not be able to take this tale on straight away, though: we didn’t see the quest on our first trip to Hiyoshi Springs, so you may need to have ticked off your first few main quests first. Either way, find and listen to the musician that tells you the tale of the tormented Uchitsune so you can grab yourself the Longbow.

Where to find blue flowers in Ghost of Tsushima

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Your first objective is to find blue flowers - the searchable area for them will appear on your map once you start the quest. But all you really need to do is head east from the mission’s start point, so continue in this direction until you see a ridge with a few of the flora on it. Following them will take you to a small rocky hill with a single tree on top. Take the stone steps down towards the tree and squeeze through the gap towards a mysterious tomb.

Ghost of Tshushima Curse of Uchitsune island map: where to search for Hiyoshi island

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After you’ve searched the cave, and received a rather ominous warning to turn back, you’ve got to “Search Hiyoshi for the island". You’re also given a rather painterly map to help you find the island covered in the same blue flowers, separated from the mainland by a narrow inlet of water. You can expand or shrink the map with a swipe of your DualShock’s touchpad.

Now, if you check your main map, you’ll see a new searchable area that stretches in a tall circle along the east coast of Tsushima up to Castle Kaneda to the north. To get where you’re going, hug the coastline north. However, the first structure you find isn’t what you’re looking for - although it is Mending Rock Shrine, so while it’ll give you a major charm to add to your collection, it doesn’t have any blue flowers on it. 

The next island after you’ve ridden past the shrine, however, does. That said, you’ll likely come across blue flowers on the mainland before you see it - Jin should comment on this and your quest log will update so you know you’re headed in the right direction. Once you’ve entered this next cave, and endured another threat from a shadowy figure, you’ll have another map to follow.

Ghost of Tsushima Curse of Uchitsune mountain map: where to search for Hiyoshi mountain

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Your next searchable area is southwest of your current position, and it helps to get a vantage point to see the Hiyoshi mountain in Ghost of Tsushima. The one we chose happened to also be home to Castle Lookout Hot Spring, so consider taking a dip here for a modest health bump. 

From here, looking southwest, you can make out the twin mountain peaks you’re looking for in the distance. Your path should pass through the gap between Sensei Ishikawa’s Dojo and a Survivor Camp to the west. Again you’ll find the flowers on your approach, Jin will mutter his approval, and your objective updates, as you complete your journey to a clearing.

In this vibrant space you’ll duel the assailant who’s been hounding you all this time: the Tengu Demon. It’s a pretty simple fight, but you’ll want to rely on quick attacks as your window of damage dealing isn’t huge. As long as you’re careful and wait to counter your enemy’s thrusts, you’ll whittle down its health in no time. Once that’s done you’ll be able to pick up the next devastating tool in your Mongol-bothering arsenal.

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