Diablo Immortal leveling: best ways to get experience quickly

Diablo Immortal leveling - a monk using one of their abilities
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Crushing the forces of hell gets harder as you go, with Diablo Immortal leveling being a constant push and pull for progress.

Running through the haunted crypts, gloomy fields, stifling forests, and abandoned ruins of Diablo Immortal will net you a menagerie of followers out for your blood. Crushing the crowds of demonkind and vacuuming up their piles of glittering loot is core to what makes a Diablo game. However, spending all your time scything down devil-ish hordes doesn't always make for the most fulfilling of experiences.

What you put into your character will determine what you get out of them. Or more exactly, how frustrated you'll be with the wait to unlock the next cool skill or access the next area. While Diablo Immortal is by no means the harshest of ARPGs, there are some points where you will need to grind during the leveling trip, so it's key to know what your options are to get through them and maximize the exp from your time spent neck deep in the hordes of hell.

Diablo Immortal leveling

Diablo Immortal leveling: What's the best way to level?

Diablo Immortal leveling - all the character classes in a line

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Bar none, the fastest method of leveling in Diablo Immortal is to follow along with the main questline and grab any supporting quests you find along the way. Each main quest location provides a few supporting quests to complete as well, so don't overlook those

Up until about level 30, you'll find the leveling keeps pace with the progression in the story, but afterward, you'll start having to fill in some of the gaps before you can unlock new zones to proceed. Here are a few of the most important ways to keep up:

Massacre bonuses

Killing bunches of enemies is part of the fun (and reward) of Diablo Immortal, but there's a small trick to it. If you can kill large groups of enemies quickly, you'll earn a stacking 'kill streak' bonus called Massacre. This bonus rewards you with a boost of XP each time you can trigger it.

While in some content, it may be tough to group together enough enemies, in areas like Rifts and dungeons, you'll have a far easier time doing so. It's smart to get in the habit of dragging together large groups of enemies so you can kill all of them with any area-of-effect abilities. Some classes, like the Diablo Immortal Crusader or Monk are far better than others at this, but no matter your class, it's worth trying to keep the streak going. 

Daily bounties

Diablo Immortal leveling - the bounty board

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You'll find the bounty board in Westmarch, and it can be easy to forget about. Remind yourself to check it out, because every day you can grab up to eight bounties, each one rewarding you with a bundle of XP for simple quests like hunting down a bunch of a certain enemy, or destroying objects in a place. While they're fairly hell-standard fetch quests, the rewards can make the toil tolerable. 

Thankfully, the bounties on a board will be based around one location, so you don't need to globe-trot to get them done. One roundtrip to Ashwold Cemetary or Bilefen will let you work through the selection of bounties you picked up from the board.

Don't overlook bounties, as they're well worth doing every day, especially if you need the extra levels before continuing the story.

Bestiary entries

As you slay your way across the world of Diablo Immortal, you'll occasionally find Monstrous Essence. The more time you spend with packs of enemies, the more frequently you'll find it. Once you pick up nine, you will be ready to turn them in.

Unlike most things you'll find in Diablo Immortal, you have to actually return back to Westmarch or any other town to find the Bestiary. Once there, turn in your Monsterous Essence to unlock a page and earn a bundle of XP and items (plus some cool lore). It's especially important to turn them in right away because Monstrous Essence won't drop when you've got ten, so there's no stockpiling.

Each day you can unlock up to three pages, though the drop rate does slow down, so make sure you're watching for Monstrous Essence drops to take a quick trip back.

Battle pass rewards

Diablo Immortal leveling - battle pass ready to claim rewards

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Whether you've paid to upgrade your battle pass or not, Diablo Immortal will hand out little goodie bags of rewards for you. Even if you don't pay attention to it, you'll eventually accrue many of the achievements that reward points for the battle pass. 

These points aren't automatically collected, however, and require you to open the battle pass up and claim. When you do claim enough Battle Pass points, your battle pass will go up a tier, giving you the big rewards that come with that tier.

But unlike most other rewards, the battle pass XP rewards scale to your level. Given this, a wise move is to save up all your rewards until you get to a point when you need to level, then claim a bunch at once to gain a tier in the battle pass – and the resulting piles of XP, scaled to your level.

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