Cult Of The Lamb marriage: how to marry your followers

Cult of the Lamb marriage
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In Cult Of The Lamb, marriage is one of the nicest things you can do for your followers. While it’s still a means to an end, it’s at least a friendly gesture that ranks above sacrificing and eating those closest to you. Aww!

Cult Of The Lamb is reminiscent of wholesome farming simulations, with one crucial twist: blood sacrifice and eldritch horror. It also could become one of the best roguelike games available, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this one.

One of the great things about marriage in the game is not only can you marry as many of your followers as you like, but your unholy matrimony also doesn't ever have to end. You're an immortal, woolly little being, and with the help of resurrection in Cult Of The Lamb, your union really is one eternal flame.

The Summer Games Fest demo didn't quite get all the way into the endgame relationships you have, so you may be wondering: how do you get married and what benefits does it bring? Worry not. We have you covered when it comes to tying the knot in Cult Of The Lamb. 

Cult Of The Lamb marriage

Cult Of The Lamb marriage: how to marry a follower

The Cult of the Lamb marriage: the wedding ritual in the UI

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In order to marry your followers, you're going to have to set up a doctrine that allows you to do so. 

For that, you're going to need to get your hand on Commandment Stones. These are made from fragments you can get by collecting Loyalty from your followers.

Once you’ve collected three fragments, they come together to make a single Commandment Stone, which you use to set up the rules of your religion at the Temple altar.

The most reliable source of Loyalty is going to be your loyal followers themselves. All of them have a meter above their head, and when it reaches full, they level up and you will get one fragment. In order to level them up, make sure you do your daily sermon, as well as bless them once a day individually, give them gifts, complete personal quests for them, and perform various rituals that increase your faith. 

You can also get fragments through various side-quests, but also by completing normal expeditions through the four biomes.  

The marriage commandment is along the Law and Order track, but you will have to invest two Commandment Stones (so six fragments) in this direction before you get the option to choose the Wedding ritual. 

Once you’ve selected the commandment though, you can perform a Wedding at your altar, allowing you to choose who you want to marry. 

Cult Of The Lamb marriage: what does it entail?

The Cult of the Lamb marriage: Followers get married

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Marriage, while not essential, does come with some benefits. 

First of all, holding a ceremony is fun for everyone, so you get a nice +30 Faith bonus just for having a wedding. On top of that, you will get extra bonuses for sacrificing your spouses, though that would be the actions of a truly dastardly cult leader. 

You can, of course, resurrect them whenever you want, so if you miss your love, you can always bring them back as if nothing happened.

You can also smooch your wife or husband, which acts as a second blessing for the day, so you can level up their Faith in you faster. 

What’s more, you can take as many partners as you want. You are a cult leader, of course. The only real downside is that if you do choose to marry other followers, your current spouses will get jealous which can lead to dissension. However, that is a small price to pay for the undying love of hordes of your followers, don’t you think?

That’s about the extent of it. 

As of yet, it doesn’t look like there are any story or broader character benefits for marrying your followers. If you were hoping for some deeper romantic storylines to come, sadly, that’s not the case right now - though Massive Monster has pledged free updates, so who knows?

That said, the benefits are pretty amusing - especially if you are trying to move through your doctrines fast and need Commandment Stone fragments. 

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