Cult of the Lamb resurrection: how to bring followers back

The Cult of the Lamb resurrection: Followers help raise a dead follower
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In Cult of the Lamb, resurrection is a ritual that you can perform with your flock to defy the laws of life itself.

Cult of the Lamb grabbed a decent level interest after its appearance at Summer Game Fest, where an impressive demo was released. You can finally get your hands on the game, which is best described as a cross between farming sims, the best roguelike games, and a healthy splash of Lovecraftian paganism. Lovely.

In a stark illustration of the game's absurdity, you're able to bring deceased followers back to life. There are a lot of reasons you might want to resurrect a follower. Perhaps a particularly high-level follower has just passed away from old age, and you’d like to keep leveling them up. Maybe you just need another follower around to make up the numbers. Or perhaps you just rather liked a particular follower who you had married in the Cult of the Lamb. Whatever the reason, death is only a mild annoyance for one with powers such as you, little lamb.

Don't let a follower's passing stand in the way of their eternal servitude. Here’s everything you need to know about resurrecting fallen members from your flock and what it might cost you.

Cult of the Lamb resurrection

Cult of the Lamb resurrection: how to revive followers

The Cult of the Lamb resurrection: Followers help raise a dead follower

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In order to resurrect your followers, you’re going to have to establish a specific doctrine. 

To do that, you’re going to need to get your hand (hoof?) on Commandment Stones. These are made from smaller fragments, which must be combined in groups of three to create one Stone. You then use the Commandment Stones to decree a doctrine and establish the rules of your religion. 

The most reliable source of getting these fragments is going to be leveling up your followers. 

In order to level them up: 

  • Make sure you give your daily sermon to reward everyone with some experience
  • Bless each follower individually once a day
  • Give them gifts
  • Complete their personal quests
  • Perform rituals

You can also get fragments through various character side-quests, as well as by completing runs through the four biomes. 

The Resurrection commandment is found on the progress track about your cult’s relationship with death. 

You will have to invest three times in this direction before you get the option. That’s nine Commandment Stone fragments, for reference. 

Once you’ve selected the commandment, you'll unlock the Ritual of Resurrection. As with all rituals, you can perform the action at your Temple altar.

Cult of the Lamb resurrection: benefits and costs of resurrection

The Cult of the Lamb resurrection: the lamb stands at a graveyard

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When you perform the Ritual of Ressurection… well, your follower comes back to life. That’s about the extent of it. 

You will gain the extra follower and they will be able to continue on as if death never happened. 

The nice thing about resurrecting your followers is that they will come back at the exact level they died at, and the game will treat them as if they are as young as the day they joined you. 

If a follower had a good set of traits and was a great worker, for example, this resets the clock. On top of all that, the grave you buried the follower in will become open, so the ritual's also a great space saver.

The only real cost of resurrecting followers is that you'll take a small hit to your cult’s faith

The ritual costs -15 faith and 75 bones to perform, but in the grand scheme of things, this is pretty easy to get back, either using daily sermons or performing other rituals. The ritual will be on a timer too, so you will have to wait to perform another, but in the later game you can get unlocks that shorten these durations. 

The tactic I used was to drug up my Cultist with the Brainwashing Ritual you unlock through Sozo, which negates any negative impact on your faith for three days. 

That way, the resurrection was basically free - apart from bones that are easy to come by.

So, get out there and bring your followers back from the other side, even after they’ve passed on. Followers are great to have in abundance and this is a great way to get an extra one relatively cheaply.

Show you're the master of death and use this as liberally as you can!

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