You can expect some V-Bucks back if you purchased one of Fortnite's car bundles at full price

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Fortnite's in-game store is home to many cosmetics and items you can purchase with V-Bucks to express yourself in the battle royale and other modes. However, V-Bucks don't come cheap, and a lot of the time real money needs to be exchanged to earn the in-game currency since they are pretty challenging to earn - making your buying decisions all the more important. 

Fortunately, Epic Games has recently reviewed the prices of Fortnite's car bundles and decided to slash the prices. The Diesel bundle which originally cost 4,000 V-Bucks is now dropping to 2,500, and the Jager and Cyclone bundles are dropping from 2,500 to 1,500. If you've been waiting for the best time to purchase one of these bundles - this is probably it. 

These price slashes were announced on the official Fortnite Twitter / X page on December 14, where a breakdown of the price adjustment was shared. The team also shared that these prices would appear in-game within the hour, rather than having to wait for a specific day or sales event to cash in. The full tweet can be seen below:

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However, if you have already purchased one of these bundles at full price, you shouldn't be kicking yourself either. To compensate those who have already spent their V-Bucks, the price difference will be refunded to your account within a week following the original announcement on December 14. 

If you are trying to decide on whether or not to buy, this price reduction doesn't appear to be a limited-time thing. The tweet implies that these prices are here to stay, so you won't have to rush to buy right now to make the most of these cheaper bundles. 

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