The Xbox Series X has had its price cut by a massive $100 just in time for the holidays

An Xbox Series X console on a surface.
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In a surprise announcement from the official Xbox 'X' (formerly Twitter) account, Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Series X is receiving a big price cut across the US for a limited time.

The hefty discount sees the price of an Xbox Series X console fall from an MSRP of $499 to just $399 - a substantial saving of $100. You can currently find the deal directly at Xbox, with a number of retailers including Walmart and Best Buy also matching the reduced price.

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Interestingly, this discount also applies to a number of bundles including the Xbox Series X Diablo 4 bundle, meaning that you can score an even better deal by netting an included game for no additional cost.

Although not quite as compelling as some of the even more impressive offers that we saw over the Black Friday period, which often had the cost of the console plummet to around $349. In fact, the console can still be found at this price right now at certain retailers so if you’re shopping for an Xbox Series X console in time for the holidays it is well worth considering a wide range of options.

Even though it’s not quite the best, this is still a very substantial discount that could shed some light on the future of the Xbox Series X. A design refresh for the system has been rumored for years now and this could be an early move by Microsoft in order to try and shift stock of the current model in preparation. 

There is quite the precedent for this and, for a very recent example, the PlayStation 5 recently received a similar major sale with the price of the launch version of the system cut from £479.99 to £399 across the UK ahead of the arrival of the new, slimmer PS5 model. Whether this will be the case here has yet to be seen.

If you are shopping for a new Xbox right now, these are the very best prices in your region:

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