The Stardew Valley board game is back in stock, and pre-orders begin soon

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The Stardew Valley board game is back in action as developer ConcernedApe announces pre-orders are about to begin. 

The cooperative board game, based on one of the best indie games around and centered around farming and friendship, is back in stock for all to enjoy. While this doesn't make an appearance in our best board games list, it's still a fantastic choice for those who love the game and want to experience the Stardew Valley magic in a new way.

Pre-orders will be available starting Tuesday, September 5th, and the board game will begin shipping in October. Currently, the price is set at $50, plus free shipping, but you may have to wait a while longer as it is currently sold out on the Stardew Valley board game's official website.

Unfortunately, the Stardew Valley board game is only available in the US right now. However, if you're a fan located in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the EU, or the UK, you may be able to ask your local game store to see if they can pre-order to your region of choice.

You can play the Stardew Valley board game with up to four players. As with the video game, you'll have to save the valley from the evil Joja Corporation. To complete this lofty task, you'll have to finish various missions to restore the Community Center, upgrade your skills, and protect the magic of the valley across all of the seasons. 

However, it's important to note that this board game isn't as casual and relaxing as Stardew Valley's original incarnation. While you'll find it relatively easy once you familiarize yourself with the rules, it takes some getting used to. To ensure depth and replayability, the play time lasts well over an hour - an investment not for the faint of heart or easily distracted.

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