The Finals has pulled the Dead Go Boom event but will bring it back after a re-work

The Finals
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The Finals has removed its Dead Go Boom event for the time being. After a lot of negative feedback from players suggesting the event is too hard for melee combat and close encounters due to the exploding bodies that cause damage to anyone nearby, pulling the game show event seems like the best step forward. 

Within the patch notes, the developer has stated that it feels as if the Dead Go Boom event "punishes melee users too much at present, so we're disabling it for now." However, this isn't the end of the event as a whole, and it's been made clear that the mode will be reworked and reintroduced into the game when ready.

With that said, there's no timeframe as to when a reworked version of the game mode will be introduced, so it could be a while before Dead Go Boom takes center stage again. For more updates, it's worth keeping an eye on The Finals' X (formerly Twitter) page, or the official website should any notes come out. 

The removal of Dead Go Boom wasn't the only update the game received within this patch update either, and several EXP buffs have been implemented to make the experience more rewarding. These span throughout the game, so generally more EXP is on the table for players to earn as they progress. As an aside, the devs have also stated that they want to "encourage more teamplay in matches."

For details on how and where these buffs have been implemented, which includes within weekly contracts for those who appreciate the grind, the patch notes for Update 1.7.0 explain in full. 

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