The Silent Hill 2 remake finally has an official release date

Silent Hill 2 Remake
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A new trailer from yesterday’s State of Play showcase has finally given us an official release date for the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake.

Simply titled Silent Hill 2 and developed by Bloober Team, the PlayStation 5 console exclusive game will launch on October 8 later this year. The news comes almost two years after it was officially announced back in 2022. 

Digital pre-orders are available now, with the option to choose between two separate editions. Pre-ordering the $69.99 / £59.99 standard edition on PS5 nets you a copy of Silent Hill 2 and two pre-order bonuses: the Robbie the Rabbit Mask and the Mira the Dog Mask. 

Meanwhile, the deluxe edition will include the game, the Robbie the Rabbit Mask and the Mira the Dog Mask, a digital artbook and digital soundtrack, a bonus Pyramid Head Mask, and two days early access beginning on October 6.

You can expect the same content if you pre-order either edition on PC, minus the Robbie the Rabbit Mask which is a PS5 exclusive bonus.

Although only a short release date trailer appeared in the State of Play stream, a separate gameplay trailer has also been released. It features 13 minutes of footage from the game, showing protagonist James beginning to explore the deserted town. He soon encounters a handful of enemies that he defeats using improvised weaponry, giving us a good idea of what to expect from the combat mechanics.

Many of the environments shown in the gameplay trailer are absolutely stunning and simply ooze a creepy atmosphere, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that many of the character animations on show look incredibly stiff and unnatural. 

There has also been some criticism online regarding apparent changes to a handful of character designs, including alterations to Maria’s iconic leopard-print getup that one viral post on Twitter / X claims has rendered her “allergic to serving”.

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