Don’t worry, Konami has confirmed that the Pyramid Head origin story in Silent Hill 2 remake listing was "incorrect information"

Silent Hill 2 remake screenshot showing James Sunderland
(Image credit: Konami)

The listing for the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake on the Best Buy Canada website gained traction on social media after fans discovered that it appeared to advertise "a special origin story for fans to play through" that focused on the "fan favorite character" Pyramid Head.

Highlighted by freelance journalist James Galizio, the revelation was met with widespread criticism succinctly epitomized by one exasperated fan who simply commented "oh Christ, please no."

Considered one of the best horror games of all time, Silent Hill 2 was released in 2001 to widespread acclaim. Players and critics both appreciated its subtle approach to storytelling and complex imagery, making it a favorite for detailed thematic analysis over the decades since its release.

A remake was announced in October last year, helmed by Bloober Team - the studio behind Layers of Fear and The Medium. This remake has been subject to some skepticism, however, with many more hardcore Silent Hill fans doubting the studio’s ability to replicate the nuances of the original game.

The remake containing a new origin story for Pyramid Head, a character whose entire inception is already well-explained by the content of the original game, would seem to very much confirm many of these fears.

Thankfully, however, the game’s publisher has been trying to set the record straight. TechRadar Gaming reached out to Konami for comment, who replied with the following a statement: "We can confirm that Best Buy had the incorrect information included in the listing and that the page has been updated correctly."

This suggests that Pyramid Head won’t be getting a new origin story after all and, checking back in on the listing, the bullet point has now been entirely removed.

Some fans have also used social media to argue that this bullet point might have actually been referring to a remade version of the Born from a Wish scenario found in many later re-releases of the original game, which would certainly make much more sense. Either way, this news is likely a huge relief to ardent Silent Hill fans.

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