EVERYWHERE has a new trailer and closed alpha testing kicks off “soon”

Three characters running with weapons in EVERYWHERE.
(Image credit: Build A Rocket Boy)

A brand new trailer for Build A Rocket Boy’s EVERYWHERE just landed, and it’s been confirmed that closed alpha testing will commence soon, too. 

EVERYWHERE was first announced during Gamescom 2022, at which point it wasn’t completely clear what it actually is. While the latest trailer has certainly given us more of an idea, it still looks rather mysterious.

A new press release has described EVERYWHERE as “a place to build, shape, explore, discover, compete, or just hang out in a world of almost endless possibilities and immersive experiences”. Players are encouraged to be a “creator of [their] own world” with the power of ARCADIA - a design tool and system which can be used to “build almost anything you can imagine with no code required[,] including games, levels, activities, events, or even your own world”. 

“Iconic game modes” will be available for players to compete in, or they can alternatively wander around the game’s “vast biomes” to hunt down portals leading to other worlds.

“We believe in a future where game creation is put in the hands of players,” game director Leslie Benzies said. “With EVERYWHERE, we aim to empower anyone to innovate, take risks and build their own worlds, shaped purely by their imagination. We are providing the tools, inspiration and infrastructure and are excited to see how our community will foster the next generation of developers to help grow the EVERYWHERE story.”

Closed alpha testing for EVERYWHERE will only be available on PC, and access will be handed out on an invite-only basis. It’s not clear exactly when this is going to happen, though - for now, the only guidance is that it’s “soon”. 

To be in with the chance of being chosen for the closed alpha, prospective players can apply by making an account on the official website. They can also reserve their username this way, too. So, if you want to bag yourself a good one, you might want to do that sooner rather than later.

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Catherine Lewis
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