Super Mario RPG will include the classic NES soundtrack and some new music

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The Super Mario RPG remake is almost a month away, and, as we begin to draw closer to the highly-anticipated Nintendo game, we're learning more and more about it. This time, Nintendo has specified some exciting news about what we can expect from the upcoming title's soundtrack. 

It turns out that players will be treated to brand new tracks in the upcoming Super Mario RPG as well as the iconic original NES music. In a Twitter post, Nintendo of Europe explained that players will be able to enjoy "newly-arranged music" along with original scores. The post also went on to explain that players will be able to listen to every soundtrack freely in the Sound Player once they've completed the RPG. 

Depending on your preference, you can choose whether you want to listen to the classic soundtrack or the newly made version, as players can swap between each one as they complete levels. It's an incredibly creative feature that lends itself to nostalgia while also giving fans something new to enjoy alongside the remastered title. 

First showcased at the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, Super Mario RPG already looks like it could be gracing our best Nintendo Switch games list thanks to its polished graphics and commitment to tried and tested game mechanics. The trailer for the upcoming RPG makes a point to emphasize how the charm and whimsy of the 1996 original has been brought to life with beautiful new graphics.

Despite the original being a fairly old game, it's wonderful to see Nintendo breathing life back into it. Hopefully, with the updated graphics and options to enjoy new soundtracks, Super Mario RPG will be lifted out of 1996 and land safely into 2023 for all to enjoy. 

Super Mario RPG will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED on November 17, 2023. In the meantime, be sure to check out these fantastic cheap Switch bundles as well as the best Switch accessories in 2023. 

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