Suika Watermelon Game gets English language support and new background music in update

A screenshot of Suika Game.
(Image credit: Aladdin X)

The online puzzle game hit Aladdin X’s Suika Game (AKA Watermelon Game) has received a new update on Nintendo Switch, adding English, Korean, and Chinese language support, as well as (mercifully) new background music. 

Suika Game may not be a title that gets mentioned amongst the biggest releases of the year like Baldur’s Gate 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but it’s certainly had an impact online over the last month. Players are tasked with filling a box with cute, expressive fruits, which must be paired in order to transform into larger fruits to earn points. For example, two cherries make a strawberry, two strawberries make a bunch of grapes, and so on, with the largest fruit being the titular watermelon. Once the box overflows with fruit, it’s game over.

Originally, Suika Game was only available to download from the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop, meaning that players were required to make a Japanese account in order to buy it. However, on October 20 it was released on the US and UK eShops, but it was still only possible to play it in Japanese. Admittedly, this wasn’t an enormous issue given how simple it is to get the hang of, but as Nintendo Life reports, the latest update, which was rolled out overnight, allows text to be displayed in other languages. Just scroll down to the bottom option on the main menu and toggle between them.

Fittingly for the end of October, a new Halloween theme has been added, which can also be switched on and off from the main menu. As well as a spooky purple background, this changes the watermelons into pumpkins, but best of all, has a different music track than the usual mode. Those who’ve already sunk time into the game will know that the original looping song can get rather repetitive, so this will help spice things up a bit.

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Catherine Lewis
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