Next Warhammer 40K Darktide patch to bring new high-difficulty missions, quickplay bonuses, and more

The main characters in Warhammer 40k Darktide standing in a row
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The next incoming Warhammer 40K Darktide update will bring a bunch of welcome changes to the co-op shooter.

Detailed in a dev blog on the game's Steam page, the next patch, due in mid-August will bring changes to "three topics" described as "the Mission Board, Crafting, and Currencies/Resources".

The changes are quite substantial and will make for welcome reading for current fans still playing the game, and might be tempting enough to bring some players back. In brief, the changes to missions are the introduction of two new categories of mission - Maelstrom and Auric - and some quickplay bonuses. Maelstrom missions will be a set of new conditions that affect players and will come in different variations. 

Auric-level Operations are going to be perhaps of greater interest given it's a new mission board of super-hard, high-level difficulty missions designed to test this of at least level 30. Quickplay bonuses - a well-liked feature in Fatshark's terrific Vermintide games - will offer you extra XP and resources for jumping in and helping out squads.

The alterations to crafting in the game will now allow players to have the ability to "select the exact perk at any tier that you wish for an item". And the same goes for curios, with the update, here, being aimed directly at perk re-rolling and refinement.

Changes to currencies and wallets come in the form of, essentially, shard wallets. Simply put, this means that all your characters can share the same wallet and you won't be flat broke when starting a new one. Excellent.

These patch notes detailed on the game's Steam page are geared toward PC players at this point, but we expect the changes to roll out to Xbox Series X|S players too when the patch arrives in a matter of weeks (maybe days).

Darktide remains a popular co-op game and is often among the top PC games and Xbox Series X games of recent times for its multiplayer prowess.

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