Marvel's Spider-Man 2 patch accidentally allows players to access a dev menu revealing DLC plans

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales
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The latest Marvel's Spider-Man 2 update has seemingly let players view a developer, or debug, menu that appears to reveal downloadable content (DLC) plans for the PlayStation 5 game.

In addition to outlining some potential story expansion plans, the menu also seems to grant access to a bunch of potentially game-breaking features including an option to make the player character immortal. Before you rush to try them out for yourself, however, bear in mind that developer Insomniac Games has warned players that engaging with such elements may "corrupt your saves and trophy progress". You can see the studio's full post on Twitter / X below.

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Players have been able to access the dev menu by performing a simple button combination when on certain screens. Such menus are often used during development for testing the game and navigating quickly between missions or otherwise-inaccessible parts of the map, but are usually removed in the final release.

While it has to be noted that not everything listed or noted in such a menu is confirmed to be still in existence, or even still planned, it is nevertheless an interesting peak behind the curtain.

The potential insight into the game's DLC has raised eyebrows too with a menu appearing to list out missions that feature the character Beetle, which has got fans of the game series and comics, quite excited. This isn't confirmed of course, so we should take it all with a pinch of salt for now.

As for plugging this gap, there's no official word on when the hotfix will be released but it's easy to imagine that Insomniac will want to get a lid on this as soon as possible.

In addition to this surprise, the update has brought New Game+ to the PS5 blockbuster, as well as Mission Replay, new suit styles, photo mode improvements and some extra accessibility offerings such as audio descriptions and high contrast outlines. 

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