Latest PlayStation Portal firmware update brings much-needed quality-of-life additions and makes it easier to access public Wi-Fi networks

Image of the PlayStation Portal handheld gaming device
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If you're a PlayStation Portal owner, you'll want to make sure your device is up to date as its latest firmware update is available to download now.

This new firmware update brings some much-needed quality-of-life changes to the PlayStation Portal. Chief among these is that Sony has made it easier to connect the handheld to public Wi-Fi networks.

"With this new update," the official PlayStation Blog post reads, "PS Portal will also connect to a range of public Wi-Fi networks that may require additional validation steps beyond entering the network password. This includes Wi-Fi networks with sign-in screens that can often be found in hotels, cafes, and airports."

Such connections that require additional validation will now display a QR code on the PS Portal's display. When you scan this code with your phone and complete the authentication process, it'll essentially greenlight the connection for your PS Portal, thus allowing you to connect.

There are a couple more noteworthy additions in this PS Portal firmware update. Firstly, the device's touchscreen now shows visual feedback based on where you touch. You'll see a light blue square show up on the screen now depending on whereabouts you tap.

Players can also head into the settings menu and choose to display its battery life in percentage format, which should give you a much better idea of how much juice is left in the proverbial tank - something Rob mentioned in his initial review.

Sony of course still recommends players to connect to home Wi-Fi networks to ensure optimal speeds as well as security; do keep in mind that public networks are notably less secure than your home connection, so remember to exercise caution if you're planning on taking your Portal out and about.

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