Get your hands on these official Yorkshire Tea Xbox and PS5 controllers, bringing the joy of a proper brew to gamers at long last

Yorkshire Tea gaming controllers
(Image credit: Yorkshire Tea)

Chuck your processed gaming energy drink sachets in the bin because every true gamer knows that the humble cup of tea is comfortably the very best gaming beverage around. Hot, steamy, and overflowing with milk, Britain’s number one liquid refreshment is just the kind of comforting caffeinated kick that you need to be at your peak performance in online matches.

We’re huge fans of Yorkshire Tea here at TechRadar Gaming HQ, having used the delicious beverage to sustain ourselves over many a long day of hardcore writing. At long last it appears that the drink manufacturer is starting to proactively appeal to gamers like ourselves, having revealed two new branded gaming peripherals that are on sale right now.

You can now find the official Yorkshire Tea PS5 controller and Yorkshire Tea Xbox Controller on the brand's online store for £150 (roughly $190) each. Created in collaboration with the custom controller design company POPeART, which offers a range of bespoke controllers in all kinds of designs, the two console gamepads are their respective official first-party peripherals with custom soft touch printed finishes applied.

This means that you’re getting all the normal features of a DualSense Wireless Controller or Xbox Wireless Controller, but with a design that you truly won’t find anywhere else. While the red teapot design of the Yorkshire Tea Xbox Controller is certainly very eye-catching, we’re especially fond of the Yorkshire Tea PS5 Controller which seems to borrow the very best elements from the brand’s iconic packaging.

Each controller comes in a slick box with a certificate of authenticity to prove that they are indeed the real deal. If you are a big fan of Yorkshire Tea and want to get your hands on either design, you might want to act fast as we’re not sure how long these controllers will be available and suspect that quantities may be limited.

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