Den of Wolves studio 10 Chambers confirms layoffs as part of ‘changes to our organization’

A screenshot from Den of Wolves.
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It’s been confirmed that 10 Chambers, the studio behind the horror shooter GTFO and upcoming cooperative heist shooter Den of Wolves, has laid off a number of its staff amid changes intended to “benefit the long-term development” of its next game.

The news was confirmed in a statement by 10 Chambers CEO Ulf Andersson provided to TechRadar Gaming, in which he stated that five roles at the company have been disbanded. He said that those impacted have been provided with “generous conditions and support” after coming to a “mutual agreement” with them.

“We've been through a reorganization of 10 Chambers. This, unfortunately, meant the disbandment of five roles at the company,” Andersson stated. “We've come to a mutual agreement with the impacted employees, providing them with generous conditions and support. 

“To create Den of Wolves, we went from a small independent studio with 10 people to recruiting over 100 people in three years, tailored to make this specific game,” he continued. “Now that we've slowed down our growth phase, we needed to make some changes to our organization that we believe will benefit the long-term development of the game.”

Den of Wolves was announced during The Game Awards 2023, in a trailer which teased the first-person shooter’s sci-fi setting, Midway City, which was founded by sinister corporations after artificial intelligence got turned into an unstoppable hacking tool. The game doesn’t have a release window yet.

10 Chambers hasn’t confirmed what roles at the studio have been impacted by its latest changes, but it’s not the only games company to have laid off staff recently. Earlier today (February 27), it was announced that around 900 PlayStation employees are being made redundant around the world, along with the closure of PlayStation Studios’ London Studio.

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