Streamer tries out new Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming bundle at the UK's highest mountain

Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming
(Image credit: EE / Nvidia)

Cloud gaming has just been taken quite literally, as a Twitch streamer was tasked with testing Nvidia GeForce Now at a gaming den situated at the UK's highest mountain.

Streamer Leah 'Leahviathan' Alexandra partnered with UK mobile service provider EE for a pretty unconventional gaming session. She trekked to the slopes of Ben Nevis, Scotland, to try out the provider's brand new cloud gaming bundle roughly 1,500ft above sea level. That's approximately a third of the way up the iconic Scottish natural landmark.

The bundle is available to EE customers in the UK. It includes an Nvidia GeForce Now Ultimate cloud gaming subscription, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 and a Razer Basilisk gaming mouse, all for £23 a month. If you're an EE customer, you can check out the deal over at EE's website.

Alternatively, a slightly cheaper TV bundle is also available. This features all the same perks but swaps the Chromebook and Razer mouse for a 43-inch Samsung CU7100 smart TV and Turtle Beach Recon controller. This bundle is available now for £22 a month. And in both bundles, you'll also have access to Samsung Gaming Hub, which collates several streaming services into one accessible hub, including Xbox Game Pass as well as GeForce Now.

While I can't exactly recommend hiking a good way up Ben Nevis for your next cloud gaming session (mainly because I'd prefer to stay at home), I will say that this EE bundle is well worth a look. A new Samsung laptop or smart TV packed with an Nvidia GeForce Now subscription for as little as £22 is an excellent deal. 

Especially so, considering the service's Ultimate tier is £17.99 a month by itself. With that in mind, you're essentially getting a new laptop and mouse (or smart TV and controller) for an extra fiver, give or take.

If a Samsung laptop or mouse doesn't quite do it for you, have a look at our best gaming laptops and best gaming mouse guides, where we recommend the absolute best products you can buy in 2023.

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