Minecraft's mob vote just got its first entry and perhaps much more

Minecraft mob vote: crabs
(Image credit: Mojang)

The Minecraft mob vote 2023 is almost upon us, and we're finally getting a better look at what Mojang has to offer players this year.

Players can start gearing up for the upcoming Minecraft mob vote now that there's finally an idea of what content we'll see. While the basics, such as Cherry trees and building mechanics, will almost definitely make their way onto the live stream, the cherry on top has to be the mob vote. 

Every year, Mojang presents players with three mobs for players to vote on. Players can vote on which mob is their favorite throughout two stages, with the winner being added to Minecraft in the next update. Last year, we were pleased to see the seed-finding Sniffer make its way into the vanilla game. 

This time around, there seems to be a much more nautical theme. In a recent video uploaded to the official Minecraft YouTube channel, we can see the usual crew of Tiny Agnes, Jens, and Vu traveling via ship to uncover each of the new mobs that want to join Minecraft. The first mob that the crew uncovered was the crab. 

In Minecraft, the crab has the potential to be very helpful for players who love building large and complex structures. The crab's claw can be used to place blocks further away than usual. If voted in, you'll be able to find these critters scuttling across mangrove swamps. 

The nautical theme may also extend to the following two mob entries. Many fans on Reddit believe they know which two other mobs will be joining the crab in the mob vote after a YouTube playlist was accidentally made public. If this is true, it could mean that the seagull and the jellyfish will be other options for players to vote on. 

While the mob vote is one of the most exciting things to grace the annual Minecraft live stream it's always a great shame to see the other mobs banished to the abyss, never to be seen again. 

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