Lies of P devs are "fully dedicating ourselves to the development of the DLC", but plans for a sequel are also in motion

Lies of P artwork
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Lies of P fans should prepare themselves for a lot more puppet-smashing action, as its director, Ji Won Choi, has confirmed that not only is the development of the game’s DLC in motion, but a sequel is in the works, too.

This news comes from the ‘Director’s Letter’ video posted to YouTube today (November 1), in which the director thanked fans for their support of the game so far. He also added that the title hitting one million copies sold last month “could not have been possible without the love and support from you”. 

“Our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel,” he said. “The dev team is putting in significant effort, brainstorming and exploring different aspects of the projects.”

While the director remained tight-lipped on the sequel, he later elaborated on the DLC plans. 

“Even after the launch, our commitment remains unwavering in providing players with a compelling and unforgettable story,” he continued. “To do so, we are fully dedicating ourselves to the development of the DLC. That said, we are awaiting new fellow developers. Apply and join us now!”

Two sketches from the DLC, one showing the protagonist on a boat, and another showing the inside of a worn-down industrial building, were also revealed. 

Wrapping up the video, the director stated: “I can promise you one thing. What I just showed you scratches merely the tip of an iceberg. A lot awaits to unfold in the DLC. Let your imagination go wild and anticipate what’s to come.”

At the time of writing, it’s not known what stories the DLC and sequel will follow, or how long we’ll have to wait for them to be released, so fans will have to watch this space.

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