It's official: "Starfield has the best rocks" some fans have ever seen

Starfield rocks
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Starfield has spent the better part of this year impressing players with its boundless universe and various opportunities. 

During the Starfield Direct, we got a better look at everything this RPG adventure game offers. There's going to be intricate ship customization, romanceable options, and a jaw-dropping amount of planets. However, the newest obsession for some players is the landscape. 

Recently, the subreddit "I love rocks, and Starfield has the best rocks I've ever seen" began circulating, picking up more fans almost daily. It hasn't only gathered fans of the game who are pleasantly surprised by the detail, and some geologists are weighing up just how perfect it is.

I Love Rocks, and Starfield has the best rocks ive ever seen. from r/Starfield

One Reddit user AGneissGeologist broke down each image of the rocks, weighing the pros and cons and just how serious the Starfield devs were when creating the landscape. 

Overall, the geological formations seem very impressive; similar to that of The Outer Worlds, there are tons of variations, something that you would expect from intergalactic travel. Some formations are identical to those we have on Earth, with one rock looking like the "Hoodoos" in Utah. In contrast, others are physically impossible to replicate, thanks to the different gravity levels. 

Fans can also excavate how the environment acts and changes in the atmosphere by looking at the formations. "The sharp edges of the rock formation suggest not much atmosphere causes wind or other erosion", one Reddit user concludes. "Without an atmosphere and far from the sun, this planet may have ice incorporated into rock structures (after all, ice is a mineral)". 

Not all of the comments are that scientific and detailed, as some fans began to throw their hat in the ring and speculate what they think each rock looks like. There was a "guy riding a horse", a "closeup of chocolate chip brownie", and "two people trying 'the wheelbarrow'," according to Hedgehogzilla.

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