I love this $59 retro handheld and can't wait to try its brand new Atari and Technos flavors

The new Super Pocket Atari Edition and Super Pocket Technos Edition.
(Image credit: HyperMegaTech!)

Retro hardware brand HyperMegaTech has revealed two new licensed handhelds with games from Atari and Technos respectively. New flavors of the existing Super Pocket handheld, the Super Pocket Atari Edition includes 50 classic games while the Super Pocket Technos Edition is loaded with 15 titles from the developer.

The Atari Edition comes in a striking red and black design and the Technos Edition is a cool combination of bright blue and gray. The two handhelds cost $59 / £49 each, making them a seriously affordable option for those interested in retro gaming. If you have a little more to spend, there is also a special Limited Super Pocket Atari Edition to keep an eye on, which comes in an exclusive wood grain color scheme. This is limited to 2600 units, presumably a reference to the name of the Atari 2600 console, and costs $69 / $59 with pre-orders set to open today.

Of these two models, the Techno edition has definitely managed to catch my eye the most. Its 15 games include the likes of Double Dragon and Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, not to mention the beloved River City Ransom. That's not to say that there aren't some real hits in the larger game library of the Atari Edition, though, which offers the likes of Missile Command, Pong, Asteroids, and Super Breakout among others.

Best of all, you're not just limited to the games included out of the box, as the Super Pocket is fully compatible with Evercade cartridges. With hundreds of cartridges already available, this gives you the option to cheaply expand your collection with everything from modern indie titles to even more classic games.

I was very impressed with the Super Pocket when it launched back in October 2023, where it was available as either a Capcom Edition or Taito Edition. I awarded it a glowing five out of five stars in my Super Pocket review, calling it "nothing short of a triumph in almost every regard".

I recently updated the review with a fresh perspective having continued to use the handhelds since that launch period and still concluded that "there's simply nothing else on the market right now that offers this level of performance" for that budget-friendly price.

The Super Pocket has also been part of our guide to the best handheld games consoles for some time now and the introduction of even more options to choose from can only be a good thing in my books. 

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