This gaming chair features cooling fans to stop you becoming 'hot and sticky' while you play

A gif showing the AutoFull M6 gaming chair.
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It’s no secret that leatherette gaming chairs can get pretty toasty. If you’ve sat on one for more than a few minutes on a hot summer’s day then you’ll know that it doesn’t take long for that slightly moist, sweaty feeling to saturate your behind and start seeping down your legs. 

Luckily, that’s exactly what the newly announced AutoFull M6 gaming chair seeks to address through some intriguing temperature control mechanisms that are designed to not only keep you cool in summer but also nice and warm in winter. 

Firstly, the $799.99 /  £799.99 chair is upholstered in an ultra-soft porous leather with a perforated design that the manufacturer states “significantly improves issues of heat and sweat” and helps prevent your seat from becoming “hot and sticky during long summer sessions”. 

It also features two cooling fans positioned inside the seat cushion that expel hot air. Autofull claims that this active cooling mechanism “can lower the seat temperature by up to 56% at the highest setting”. That’s not all, however, as the cushion contains two heating elements that can allegedly “increase the seat temperature by about 67%, keeping you warm,” too.

It might all sound a little silly, but I can’t deny that the idea isn’t promising. A lot of modern cars include the option of heated seats and they can make a real difference to your level of comfort on a particularly cold day. If the heating system of the AutoFull M6 gaming chair performs anywhere near as well as those, it could become a very desirable feature for some.

Elsewhere, the chair includes “six-dimensional” mechanical armrests which allow for a huge range of adjustment. There’s also moveable lumbar support, which dynamically adjusts depending on how you’re sitting. Whether you’re kicking back after a competitive match of Counter-Strike 2 or hunched over a phone playing Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, both of these features should ensure that you’re able to find a comfortable position.

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